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      CASLE was formed in 1969 as a federation of independent professional societies representing surveying and land economy in Commonwealth countries.It currently comprises over 40 societies in 32 countries; it has approved Associate Members and correspondents, some of whom are in 19 other countries. The professional societies represented cover the disciplines of surveying and mapping, land economy, and quantity surveying and cost-control.

      Surveying and Land Economy

      Surveying and land economy is professional grouping that contains three broad fields of activity; surveying and mapping, land economy, and quantity surveying. All three are increasingly recognised as having an important part to play in the development of every Commonwealth country, and are well positioned to make significant contributions to the effective development and economic management of resources.

      CASLE welcomes membership from professional institutions and societies and associate membership from individuals and groups across the Commonwealth.


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      CASLE Links

      Commonwealth Foundation eCommonwealth Commonwealth Housing Trust
      The Aubrey Barker Fund

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